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Πόσο ζηλεύω που δεν μένω Θεσ/κη και δεν μπορώ να συμμετέχω! :) Καλή συνέχεια!

Gimme some hacking!

Stefanos Togoulidis http://hypest.org

Καλή αρχή

Marios Isaakidis https://misaakidis.github.io

Perfect is the enemy of good enough!

Leonidas "stargazer" Papadopoulos http://lpapadopoulos.com

FreeMinds Bitches!!!

Apostolos Plioumpis

Stop Waiting For Things to Happen - Go Out And Make Them Happen

Kostas "Warlordfff" Koudaras

Yay, hacking time!

Stamatis Dampoudis

Hail Cthulhu

Kolokotronis Panagiotis http://www.justaddcoffee.org/panagiks/

This is fucking awsome!


It was about time!

Christos Bacharakis http://bacharakis.com